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SportyBet is a great option for Nigerian punters to place wagers on matches and various sports. The platform is well developed and caters to a big clientele in the country.

With SportyBet, you won’t have a lack of varieties to bet on. The website integrates a lot of sports to appease different gamblers. You will be able to bet on football, basketball, volleyball, and many Esports that have grown in popularity recently.

In this review, we’ll take a look at all the features of the site and what they have to offer you as a punter in Nigeria.

Brief Overview of SportyBet


  • Wide variety of different sports to bet on
  • Accepts the local currency of Nigerian residents
  • Easy platform to navigate and bet through
  • Competitive markets for the Nigerian audience


Doesn’t offer casino services to their clients.
sportybet sports

SportyBet - Football Betting

The great thing about this bookmaker is that they acknowledge how attractive football is to gamblers. While all sports are being taken care of on SportyBet, football is catered for in a special way. After all, the sport gathers around all nations with the same passion for the game. If you’ve got this passion yourself, this sportsbook will be your go-to destination.

Football Betting Coverage

SportyBet is after the competitive markets to ensure its clients enhanced odds compared to other competitors on the market. Betting online attracts people from around the world. That’s why every provider or bookmaker that would like to make it big, has to offer their customers the best odds they can provide. And with SportyBet, you don’t really have to worry about that at all.

Nigerian Football Coverage

If you’re in Nigeria and would like to place your wagers on football, you’re in luck. This bookmaker offers you the ability to place your bets on your favourite NPFL matches. You can choose whichever local team you want to go for, and then place your bets easily with SportyBet.

International Betting Coverage

Aside from that, you can also bet on international tournaments through SportyBet. Some of the markets you can go for are EFL, English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and even the FIFA World Cup. Pick the match you’d like to bet on, and simply place your wagers on the sportsbook. Make your football predictions and choose the international tournament you’d like to go for, and bet before or during the match.

Types of Bets Available @ SportyBet

On SportyBet, you can choose to place different kinds of bets on the sport you love. Aside from that, you may also go for some in-play betting. Some punters prefer it this way, to make better predictions. But we’ll talk about that in a bit.

For the types of bets, you can place on football with this sportsbook, there are plenty. For starters, you can bet on whichever team wins the match. That’s the most basic bet type you can go for. You may also place your money on the possibility of the game ending in a Draw, with no team making a successful win. You can bet on both teams scoring during the game, called Both Teams to Score. Another option is the Asian Handicap bet. This means that both participating teams have no difference whatsoever in both history and quality.

For individual players’ bets, you can predict whichever player on either team to score the first goal, called a First Goal Scorer bet. Honestly, the possibilities are somewhat endless when it comes to football. This all depends on your own personal preferences and your knowledge of competing teams.

sportybet betting

Other Popular Sports To Bet On at SportyBet

But if football is not really your cup of tea, you may go for something else. The varieties on SportyBet are quite enough for that. There are other popular sports that Nigerian punters are interested in. And if that’s you, then, let’s go ahead and review some of these:


Who said basketball is dead? The sport is among the most popular games on earth, enjoyed by many countries and nationalities. Through this bookmaker, you may go about betting on basketball matches that you prefer. Aside from that, the platform integrates different markets for you to choose from.


And if you’re in for some volleyball betting, you can place your bets once you register on SportBet. You can choose to go for World Championships or even local tournaments. The platform integrates the best markets available to ensure that they cover the sport properly.


And if you’re a lover of tennis yourself, SportyBet didn’t forget about your kin. Tennis is a marvelous sport that has a massive audience around the world. Tune in for your favorite matches, and you’ll easily pick the event you like on the website. You can also check the live score of games, and do tons of other stuff. It’s not just about football on SportyBet; every game is catered for in the highest quality.
sportybet bonuses

SportyBet Bonus & Promotions

Now, let’s get down to business. You want to register with a new platform, right? Then you’re definitely looking for the kind of bonus you’d be able to claim. When it comes to SportyBet, they’re offering Nigerian players generous offers to welcome them onto the platform.

Let’s go ahead and review the current offers this platform has:

SportyBet Sign Up Bonus

Unfortunately, when you first register on the platform, there is no welcome bonus available.

Other Bonuses and Promotions

Another great thing that SportyBet is offering is its Multiple Bonus Boost. Whenever you venture to place multiple bets, most probably yours would be eligible for a bonus. This boost will go up to 140% on your bets. It’s honestly an amazing offer that you don’t usually see with a sportsbook online. Another reason why you should definitely be considering this bookmaker.

Odds Comparison

When it comes to placing your online bets on sports, SportyBet is definitely a provider that gets you the most competitive odds out there. Especially if you’re interested in football, their enhanced odds will come in handy when you’re placing your wagers on your favorite matches.

As for the Nigerian market online, this provider might be considered a high-tier company in the region. It tends to the needs of Nigerian punters, offering the very best markets and odds, and competes with the best whales in the industry. If you happen to reside in the region, this website would be your best bet to go for.

In-play betting

And if you prefer to make your betting predictions during the match, SportyBet will let you place your wagers while the game is being played. This is usually called in-play betting. Players get to check the live score of the game and any other updates in real-time. You may do so easily on the platform. If you’d like to review this feature or start using it right away, just head to live betting on the official website and you’re good to go. Also, you won’t also have a problem when requesting cash out during a live game.

Live Streaming

While live streaming online is not available on the platform, there’s an equivalent integrated. The event-viewer of SportyBet will notify you of all game updates in real-time. You can basically check everything related to the game on the platform, and then place your bets accordingly. Some punters even prefer these statistics, as they are easier to digest than watching the game itself.
sportybet mobile

SportyBet Mobile App

If you’d like to use a mobile with this platform, you can easily download the SportyBet app from the official landing page. We don’t usually come across providers that have a dedicated app for their users. That’s why in this review we have to admit, SportyBet is taking care of everything. The app works flawlessly, and you may place your bets wherever you go.

SportyBet Casino

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer casino services to their clients at the moment. They prefer to be a dedicated sportsbook.

Payment Methods

As for the payment methods accepted on SportyBet, you won’t have a problem finding one that suits you. As for being a player in Nigeria, you can even use SMS to deposit money onto the platform. Just go to the site for more instructions. The method is called Mobile Money and is well integrated with many banks in the region.

As we’ve explained before, the platform integrates the best services to help out players in the region process their transactions easier.

Customer Support

It’s crucial for you to test the customer support of a certain service before creating your account. After all, it’s very important to know whether they’re responsive or not. When it comes to SportyBet, they’ve got one of the best teams we’ve encountered so far. They’re really helpful when it came to queries and problems. Aside from that, the FAQ section on the website is quite easy to go through.

You may submit an inquiry through email, reach out on social media, or simply hop onto their website and enjoy the availability of the live chat. It’s a decent customer support experience, we ought to say.

SportyBet Site Features

In this review, we have to talk about the amazing site this provider has developed for its users. The design is highly captivating; both professional to suit seasoned punters and is also easy to navigate through. It’s well organized and everything is laid out in a comfortable manner for users.

You get to check live scores once you click on the relevant tab. There’s also a dedicated section for the past scores of matches if you’d like to catch up on what you missed. The scheduling is done in an amazing manner to allow players to catch up on events easily.

So Is It Worth Placing Your Bets At SportyBet

That’s a good question to be asking yourself. As a punter in Nigeria, you’d like to place your wagers in the most feasible way of the sports you love. Having a platform like SportyBet will ease your online gambling experience. First and foremost, the markets provided on this platform are worthy of placing your bets. Aside from that, the variety offered will definitely keep you on the website.

As a punter in Nigeria, we assure you that this website will satisfy your betting needs. You can deposit your money using different methods, and it’s very easy to get started.

6 Step Guide On How To Sign Up @ SportyBet

  1. Head to the official site and click on Register on the top-right.
  2. Fill in your information (Email, phone number…etc).
  3. You’d get a text message with a code to verify your phone number.
  4. Copy that to confirm. You would also receive an email with a confirmation link.
  5. Once both are verified, you can start depositing money onto your account.
  6. Follow instructions on the site to deposit money using your preferred method.
sportybet faq

SportyBet FAQ

👍 In which countries does SportyBet operate?
SportyBet is regulated and operates in Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia and Ghana. Players from each region are catered for in a special manner.
📱 Do I need a SportyBet promotional code for bonuses?
Depends on the promotion. Usually, when it’s a welcome bonus, you don’t have to put in any codes. Just click on the offer and follow instructions.
👑Who is the owner of SportyBet?
The owner of the company is called Sudeep Ramnani. It’s a well-established entity with proper licensing.