How To Cash Out » Betting Guide For Bookmakers Operating In Nigeria

If you are a novice punter, you might have come across the term ‘cash out’ and wondered what it meant. Alternatively, you might have been gambling for a while but never understood what it means. Whatever the case, learning how cash out works in sports betting is vital. After all, it’s one of the features to watch out for when picking a sportsbook in Nigeria. For that reason, this guide tries to simplify the subject as much as possible.

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What Is Cash Out In Sports Betting?

Cash out refers to a feature in online sports betting where a punter can get back money on a wager before an event ends. By design, it is exclusive to in-play or live bets. Sportsbooks, therefore, provide cash-out offers in real-time. So, what is the point of it? Well, punters in Nigeria can ask to get their money back if, for example, a match is not turning out as expected. Usually, a site indicates the bets that are eligible for cash-out.

How Is It Calculated?

Consider this example when learning to calculate a cash-out bet. Say, your bet slip is $10 for three different football games on odds of 3/1, 15/8 and 1/1. So, the potential return, if all teams win, is $230. However, the sportsbook offers $190 with 10 minutes still on the game, and the teams are winning. Cashing out now means taking the $180. If a minute later, one of the teams concedes a goal, it won’t affect your payout.

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Advantages & Disadvantages

Cash-out bets are based on judgement, so it helps to know a bit more.


  • Avoid losing money on a bad bet
  • Better offers on stakes than the market value
  • Avoid the stress of waiting for an event to end


❌ Punters can miss out on large wins

In-Play Cash Out

Also called live betting cash-out, this feature allows punters to adjust their bets mid-event. Most bookmakers offer in-play cash-out wagers. When a match is going on, sometimes it might not turn out as you anticipated. For example, if your favourite is losing with 10 minutes to go, you can decide to cut your losses before the match ends.

Cash Out Features

Learn what cash-out options sportsbooks in Nigeria provide before you invest real money on bets.

Partial Cash Out

A punter gets a cash-out on half of a bet and keeps the other half running for the same event. It’s a suitable choice when you are unsure about how a bet will turn out. Consequently, you get to minimise risk without missing out entirely on a big win.

Auto Cash Out

The function allows you to set the cash-out amount, and when the bet attains that value, it triggers the cash-out feature automatically.

When To Cash Out

You have to make an informed judgement on the right time to use the cash-out feature. Typically, it’s when your ticket is losing. Here are some recommended strategies.

Keep Up With The Stats

In order to decide on cash-out’s value, stay up to date with the event statistics. You should know how to evaluate the performance of a game using the available data. Then you can calculate the risk of waiting or cashing out.

During Accumulator Bets

Cashing out on accumulator bets is one of the best ways to leverage the feature. For instance, you have a 100 NGN stake on a five-game selection. Before the last football match begins, the bookmaker offers 20,300 NGN on your bet slip. However, if the final bet were to win, with 70/1 odds, your ticket would pay 40,300 NGN. In this instance, it might be practical to take the 20,300 NGN on a 100-NGN bet rather than risk the full amount.

Make Use Of The Partial Cash Out

Punters can also take advantage of partial cash-out deals, which tend to offer the best of both sides. With this option, you get to retain interest on a bet without risking too much.

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Nigerian Bookmakers That Offer The Cash Out Feature

A majority of betting sites in Nigeria have cash-out offers. Below are some top ones


The sports betting website has a cash-out feature for all markets. Customers can choose between the full and partial cash-out alternatives. Both single and multiple bets qualify. However, the operator doesn’t indicate the events that provide a cash-out function, until after you wager.


The platform has cash-out wagering for live bets. Punters can access cash-out odds in the My Bets section on the active bet slip. Coupon code is available to use before requesting the payout. Additionally, this operator allows offline (shops and outlets) cash-out wagering.


At Bet9ja, customers can use the cash-out function on in-play and pre-match bets. For a pre-game wager, you have to request a payout before all the events of your bet slip are settled. Note that the operator does not permit cash-out wagering with bonus funds.

Sports Betting Verdict on Cash Out

Cash out revolutionised how punters bet completely. Besides the excitement of wagering on your favourite sports, online gambling is a chance to make money. However, it involves certain risks, and cash-out wagering is one way to minimise them. The flexibility of making back your money is a relief, especially when playing highly volatile odds. Consequently, Nigerian gamblers should learn how to leverage cash out bets fully for the best gambling experiences.

5 Step Guide On How To Cash Out

  1. Login into your sportsbook account
  2. Then click on the cash-out icon on selected bets or in the ‘My Bets’ section
  3. Confirm the payout action
  4. The bookmaker deposits the money and sends a notification
  5. The bet is closed, and the final results of that event won’t matter

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FAQ About Cash Out

Which sport can you use cash out on?

The cash put feature is available for a wide range of markets from soccer to tennis to horseracing. However, your chosen bookmaker will determine the sports on which you can cash out.

What is in-play cash out?

In this instance, you are cashing out bets made on an on-going event. For example, you can wager on football predictions when a match starts then adjust it accordingly as the game progresses.

Do all bookmakers offer cash out?

No. Not all sports betting sites in Nigeria have the feature. For this reason, punters should check with a specific operator before putting down real money bets.

Why can’t I cash out?

A cash-out request might fail if the betting markets change. If that happens, the site will display a failure message. Alternatively, cashing out might not be possible due to a major shift in the event that invalidates your bet.